Suggested topics and  questions: 

A) Suggested topic:

Happy biological farm

An organism able to certify, after accurate controls, farms in which animals live a happy and natural life, during an adequate period of time, according to their species.

At the end, animals would be given a rapid death, without unjustified suffering.

Many consumers that have removed meat from their diets, could change their minds.

Of course they would agree to pay a higher price.

A particular production which goes beyond the biological production, and that meets the needs of breeders who care for their animals.

Certification: Biological + Happy Life 

B) Suggested topic:

Sustainable development, environmental degradation , animals rights, etc. and Poetrie

Poetry almost always deals with existential or sentimental problems.

But it must as well make consciences aware of today’s problems: sustainable development, environmental degradation, rights of the animals, etc. Sometimes poetry can convey ideas better than reason.”


C) Suggested topic:

 Scholastic anthologies 

Why in school anthologies cannot be found poems meant to awaken the consciences of young people to today’s problems and to the safeguard of Nature?”



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